Building strong companies through . . . Customized Training

During the tough economic times some companies lose their quality focus while just trying to keep their business afloat. Resources that were dedicated to maintain quality products and services are eliminated or redeployed during a down economy. Yet customer demand for better quality products is higher today than ever before. When money is tight, customers seek greater assurance that what they are buying is a quality investment.

INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT GROUP offers off-the-shelf and custom-designed training for executives, managers, supervisors and employees on a variety of pertinent topics. We have a unique process that allows us to design and develop course content and materials quicker than most in-house developers, thus saving your company countless man-hours and dollars on course development.

Every training program, course, seminar or workshop developed by INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT GROUP is designed around the Four Phases of Personal Development™. This process of awareness, analysis and action ensures course participants make the changes necessary to improve their individual performance. During each session we provide hard-hitting, soul-searching, introspective materials that cause people to earnestly assess their strengths and weaknesses. We give very specific, very direct feedback to attendees and provide them with numerous tools, techniques and methods to improve their performance.

For a list of the over 100 training programs we currently offer, click here. To schedule training at your company contact us by clicking here or calling us at 702-592-6431.

Some of our recent projects include:
  • Took the entire executive staff of a national sales company through a leadership training series, using that forum to facilitate major decisions requiring significant changes throughout the organization.

  • Developed a comprehensive executive development program for a large aerospace company that utilized in-depth analysis and assessment of its executives' competencies and provided a variety of methods for preparing these executives to lead the company into the 21st century.

  • Created a year long, comprehensive management development series for the leaders of a large financial institution and a mid-sized hospital.

  • Served as the training department providing all training and development for the employees and managers working for a mid-sized city government.
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