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Employee Engagement

One of the great challenges in many companies is the inability to draw out the full potential and capabilities of each and every employee. Most employees do not operate at their peak. Many workers have more to offer, but wait for management to draw out their full commitment.

INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT GROUP knows how to actively engage every employee at every level of your organization. Our patented Ladder of Commitment® model shows how to build solid levels of trust and commitment in your organization. We help you utilize the diverse talents, skills, abilities and insights of your workforce, resulting in enhanced organizational performance, increased productivity, greater financial success, retention of valued employees and better utilization of your human assets.

We help you:

  • Get 100% from 100% of your employees 100% of the time
  • Maximize the utilization of the collective intelligence of your employees
  • Create an organizational culture of communication, cooperation and collaboration
  • Create a supportive work environment with engaging leadership
  • Create relationships of trust, respect, confidence and support between management and employees
  • Engage employees to achieve the business imperatives and strategic objectives of your company
  • Develop internal marketing mechanisms that energizes your workforce and engages them as active members of your sales and marketing team

To get the most out of your employees and ensure their full commitment, click here or call us at 702-592-6431.

Some of our recent projects include:
  • Created and implemented top-down and bottom-up policies, procedures, processes, practices and systems in numerous casino operations to engage employees in consistent service delivery at every level of the organization.

  • Implemented our patented Ladder of Commitment® model as the foundation for creating a unique corporate culture of open communication,collaboration and mutual trust,respect, confidence and support between employees and management at several hospitality companies.

  • Trained hundreds of internal change "champions" to facilitate the change process and provide insight to executives on a variety of change initiatives in numerous companies throughout the world.

  • Transitioned a decades old casino property with long-term, union-entrenched employees from a tired, worn, and lifeless environment into a Five-Star Five Diamond resort in less than one year with very little employee turnover.
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