Building strong companies through . . . Operational Accountability

Restoring responsibility and operational accountability is essential to the economic and fiscal health of your organization, particularly in today's competitive markets. Every manager and employee in your company must take ownership and personal responsibility to do the right things right.

INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT GROUP focuses everyone in your enterprise on the things that matter most. Through our highly-effective, results-oriented Accountability Management Workshop we teach executives, managers and supervisors how to create a culture of accountability throughout your organization. We show you how to hold people accountable for producing valuable results.

We help you:

  • Create competent executives, managers, supervisors and employees
  • Establish clear goals, roles, responsibilities, expectations, boundaries and authority
  • Pinpoint exact job requirements and measurable performance standards
  • Create the right policies, procedures, processes and practices to ensure productive performance
  • Develop accurate performance monitoring and feedback systems
  • Create and implement a competency-based performance management system
  • Identify non-contributors and either improve their performance or move them out of your organization
  • Promote legal, moral and ethical behavior from every manager and employee

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Eight Core Competencies of Management:
  1. The ability to identify the performance you want from your employees

  2. The ability to clearly communicate your performance expectations to your employees so they know exactly what is expected of them

  3. The ability to hire the kind of employees you want or, if you can't find the employees you want, to train those employees you have so they can give you what you want

  4. The ability to provide the employees with the information, tools, and resources they need in order to perform to your expectations

  5. The ability to measure and monitor employee performance to assess whether or not they are giving you what you want

  6. The ability to provide employees with helpful feedback so they know exactly how well they are performing

  7. The ability to appropriately reward and recognize employees who give you what you want or to coach, counsel and discipline those who don't

  8. The ability to provide career counseling or developmental opportunities to your employees so they can give you more of what you want in the future
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