Building strong companies through . . . Quality Improvement

During the tough economic times some companies lose their quality focus while just trying to keep their business afloat. Resources that were dedicated to maintain quality products and services are eliminated or redeployed during a down economy. Yet customer demand for better quality products is higher today than ever before. When money is tight, customers seek greater assurance that what they are buying is a quality investment.

INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT GROUP is highly adept at finding problems and seeing flaws in your systems, processes, structure and people. We quickly identify where improvement is necessary and identify interventions or develop plans to fix the problems. Our team and quality improvement workshops teach work groups how to solve complex problems, make collective decisions, release greater creativity, and increase ownership and commitment to your company's quality and service delivery goals.

We help you:

  • Assess your current customer needs and customer satisfaction levels
  • Identify your customers' quality and service requirements
  • Assess your product and service delivery against your customer's requirements
  • Evaluate your policies, procedures, processes, practices and systems to streamline your business practices
  • Pinpoint quality and/or production failures
  • Recommend ways to ensure zero defects and consistent service delivery
  • Implement service recovery techniques to respond faster to customer complaints
  • Train managers and leaders in quality and process improvement methodologies

To optimize the quality of your product and service delivery, click here or call us at 702-592-6431.

Some of our recent projects include:
  • Created and implemented a quality improvement and performance excellence process for the nation's most prestigious health club resulting in their being awarded the Michigan Quality Council's Leadership Award.

  • Consulted with numerous major Japanese corporations and scores of American companies on quality and productivity improvement initiatives.

  • Served several years as an Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the U.S. Senate Productivity Awards.

  • Nationally and internationally recognized speaker on Total Quality Management, Six Sigma and other quality improvement processes and methodologies.
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