Building strong companies through . . . Strategic Alignment

Creating a focused organization starts with ensuring that everything within your company is driven by your strategic intentions and operating principles. Everything you do either moves you closer to achieving your business objectives or pulls you away from them. A competitive edge is achieved when you focus every internal process and action toward satisfying your strategic goals.

INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT GROUP facilitates strategic planning meetings that take your executive leadership team through our patented Strategic Logics® process where you identify your strategic intentions for each of the nine strategic elements of your business. We then help you develop operational plans to ensure the tactics implemented by the employees on the front-line are aligned with your strategic objectives. If needed, we'll even manage those plans for you so you can stay focused on the business imperatives of your enterprise.

We help you:

  • Create your vision, mission, values and guiding principles
  • Identify your company's unique product or service differentiation
  • Determine how best to position your company for success in the market
  • Identify your strategic intentions in all nine strategic elements of your business
  • Develop and implement strategic and operational plans to achieve your business goals
  • Align every policy, procedure, process, practice and system within your company to achieve your strategic and tactical goals
  • Establish profitability and productivity measurement milestones to ensure steady progress toward your goals

For help defining or aligning your company around your strategic objectives, click here or call us at 702-592-6431.

Some of our recent projects include:
  • Developed and implemented a highly focused strategic plan designed to ensure the long-term success of a large electric power company.

  • Facilitated the consensus decision by the executive team of a $25 billion global finance company to move their corporate headquarters from New York City to Salt Lake City.

  • Using our patented Strategic Logics® process, established the strategic direction and operational plans to achieve significant market penetration and enhanced profitability in over 60 casino gaming company properties.

  • Developed the vision, mission, values, operating principles and strategic plan for numerous large corporations, mid-sized companies and small businesses over the past 20+ years.
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