Building strong companies through . . . Team Work

Today's business environment is more complex and competitive than ever. No longer can your organization afford to rely on the individual contributions or independent decisions of your employees. Success today demands coordination and collaboration among cross-functional groups. It requires the sharing of limited resources, a unified effort, and the maximizing of human talent.

INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT GROUP offers a variety of effective workshops, seminars and facilitated meetings that accelerate the team building process. Our patented Ladder of Commitment® model creates deep-seeded relationships of mutual trust, respect, confidence and support throughout your organization. Our various Team Workshops train leaders and members of cross-functional problem solving teams on how to work effectively together to accomplish their team's assigned tasks. These hard driving workshops take teams through the Four Stages of Team Development and have them performing as a well-honed team by the end of the session.

We help you:

  • Define the goals, roles, responsibilities, expectations, boundaries and authority of new or reorganized work groups
  • Mesh newly combined or reorganized work groups or departments into efficient and effective work units
  • Increase cross-functional communication, collaboration and cooperation
  • Resolve and mediate conflict among struggling teams and team members
  • Train and facilitate cross-functional problem solving or project management teams assigned to accomplish complex tasks
  • Create clear charters, specific roadmaps, problem solving tools, and measurement milestones to measure and monitor team performance
  • Facilitate team meetings
  • Provide one-on-one coaching to team sponsors, leaders, facilitators and members

If you wish to have better communication, cooperation and cross-functional collaboration in your company, click here or call us at 702-592-6431.

Some of our custom-designed team workshops include . . .
  • Creating and Managing a High Performance Team

  • New Team Leader Onboarding

  • Fundamentals of Team Development

  • Managing in a Team Environment™

  • Organizing and Launching High-Performance Teams

  • Task-Oriented Teamwork

  • Team Building and Team Leadership

  • Team Facilitator Workshop™

  • Team Leader Workshop™

  • Team Sponsor Workshop™

  • Team Start-Up Workshop™
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